Our Team offers a range of services including:

Onsite Service

Since we specialize in solving problems, we are good listeners, and know what questions to ask and what solutions to suggest to ensure you get the most cost-effective solution everytime. Our onsite technicians are seasoned veterans, ready for any challenge.

Onsite services include:

  • Wired and wireless networking
  • Advanced repairs and troubleshooting
  • Software training, including proprietary systems

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Network and Software Administration

As a complete managed services provider, SabreTech offers you complete administration for your network and business software. Put our expertise to work for you!

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Off-Site Backup

SabreTech is now offering a managed turnkey solution for an end-to-end data protection solution to protect servers, desktops, laptops, structured and unstructured applications and raw files residing on the LAN as well as laptops in the field, tablets, and smart phones.

Features of our backup include:

With all of that we can offer why worry about your backups again. Know your data is safe and let us manage your backups for you.

Contact us Today for a free price quote!

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In-store Service

We keep our well equipped tech rooms ready for action every day. Drop off your computer, tell us what the problem is, and we’ll prepare an estimate and then contact you to see if you would like to proceed with repairs.

In-store services:

  • Virus/Spyware removal
  • System upgrades
  • Troubleshooting
  • Program installation
  • Data transfers

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Remote Access Services

SabreTech has been helping people with their computers all over the US and other countries with just the click of a button you can open a connection to our office and request help from one of our qualified technicians at almost any time of the day.

Things we can do remotely:

  • Software troubleshooting
  • Program installation
  • Spyware/Virus removal

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Dial-Up Internet

After years of frustrating dial-up service Brad decided it was time to start our own dial-up. Now we can make sure the quality of service is what we would expect, ensuring that our customers are happy, and we’re happy.

SabreTech dial-up is reasonably priced at only $13.95 a month.

Call 517-437-7150 for more details.

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